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Sun, 5 Sep 1999 21:34:48 EDT

In a message dated 99-09-02 23:09:27 EDT, (O'Regan, Emlyn) passed this comment on from another source:

> > Make sure you do this on the list and not through email, as extropians

> > have been known to take credit for ideas they got from someone else
> > through email. At a recent extropy conference a whole talk by their
> > "leader" was apparantly based on an idea taken from someone else's email.
> > There may have been some original ideas in the talk as well. I don't
> > know. But transhumanists should not tolerate this kind of behavior. It
> > gives us a bad name.
> >
> > Libertarians seem to be so liberated they can liberate others of their
> > ideas.......
> >
> > And a little more uprightness would help the transhumanist movement.
> >
> > Sorry it had to be said.

What a complete crock of crap! I think I know what this person is utterly misinterpreting. It so happened that someone posted a comment about use of the word "posthuman" and "transhumanism" on the extropians list the afternoon before EXTRO4. (It was actually a pretty interesting post, if I recall correctly.) I barely saw it by checking my email from my hotel room with my notebook, but I know Max didn't see it because he was flying up from LA when it was posted and didn't have the time to check email during the conference. Max's talk, in part, addressed some of the same points, but in a very different way, and also addressed other issues. As if this person (whoever it is) thinks that Max's talk was based on an email on the ExList posted a few hours before he gave the talk! What utter nonsense!

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