Re: Transhuman Beach Party

Carol Tilley (
Sun, 5 Sep 1999 09:42:28 -0700

From: <GBurch1

> ...In the surfing image, we're
> talking about the Mother of All Waves. Surfing that wave may be the only
> possible way to survive it. I think of this list as a kind of beach
> where we're all looking out and waiting for the cry "Surf's up!"

But isn't Eliezer's point: too many of us are on the beach partying. We're all drinking faux beer out of brown carmelized faux glass gazing half-focused at the declining water level..."now isn't that odd?" Unable to see the tsunami, because if you can see the tsunami then it's already too late.

At potential speeds of 500mph and impact heights of up to 100 feet ( ok, 1733 feet in one instance), perhaps there are more desirable alternatives than standing on a coastal beach during an earthquake *looking out and waiting.*

I think that Eliezer has already cried-out "Surf's up!"

C. Tilley