Re: Scientific Explanation Wanted

Spike Jones (
Sat, 04 Sep 1999 23:58:32 -0700

> [voodoo priests would impress followers by devouring]

> > some "glass" made of salt or other soluble crystal, again
> > switcherooed when the audience is distracted.

I put this question to a friend today who is an excellent cook. She said that if peanut brittle is insufficiently heated, the carmelization process would be incomplete. Perhaps a brittle substance could be produced that would appear almost clear. Looks like glass, tastes like sugar. I dont see why one could not make a bottle out of such a confection, and stick a beer label on it, for effect. In fact beer bottles are brown, like peanut brittle. Break the thing right before everyone's wondering eyes, and start eating. That sounds like a great gag to pull at Extro5. {8^D spike