Re: Scorpion 200 (Was Re: The Future and Nihilism)

Brian Manning Delaney (
Sat, 04 Sep 1999 17:17:14 -0700

den Otter wrote:
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>> Excellent! (I want to have a personal
>> electro-shock device so that I can zap
>> away memories of insulting/obnoxious
>> things I say. It "wasn't me....")

> Try this one, it shoots pepper spray too. Very cool.

Just to be clear: I meant zap away my OWN memories. Either way, the Scorpion 200 might well do the job -- would need a few modifications of course.

Gina "Nanogirl" Miller wrote:

> Unfortunately, it would also zap away
> memories of valubale recollection and
> stimulation. The con's may not be
> worth the pro's.

Of course. It would have to be selective. Temporal selectivity is possible, now, however. So if there were no experiences at all in the last X minutes that were worth remembering, then it's just: "ZAP," and those few minutes "didn't happen," and thus "aren't you."


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