Re: META: Neanderthal attitudes + racism
Sat, 4 Sep 1999 04:38:41 EDT

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> A few years ago there was some football announcer – I don’t remember the
> details, but maybe someone else does – who lost his job for suggesting
> American blacks were inherently better athletes than whites because, back
> the
> day, they’d been bred for strength by slave owners. At the time there was
> terrific uproar, with people coming down on one of two sides: Either the
> was
> a horrific racist and ought to be banished from polite society, or that
> guy
> had a point, not necessarily correct but not necessarily racist, and that
> the
> objectors were a bunch of over-sensitive twerps trying to quash free
> scientific
> inquiry.
Jimmy "the Greek" Snyder actually.