Re: [Extropian Poetry (was: Re: Gore Shocks Scientists With Creationism Statement)]

Jake Shannon (
3 Sep 99 11:55:04 PDT

here's my 2 cents (in poetic form):

Environ-Mental Retards

Screw the earth,

Screw the trees,

and get up off your god damned knees.

Use this earth, it ain't no sin

kiss the smokestacks

that saved your skin!

Deal in facts, not in what you "feel".

And thank pollution

for your next meal.

Screw dumb hippies

and Al Gore.

His name rhymes with poor, bore, whore, and snore.

What I'm saying goes to the Greens,

what good's the earth without human beings?

"Chris Fedeli" <> wrote:

my inner geek rhapsodized:

>The average ignorant abused white trash god fearing fucked
up little
kid has no concept of nanotechnology-based surveillance, command and control systems with direct access to their brains. In other words,
the Lord God Almighty.

... [snips]...

>Then again, for the emotional catharsis of meek athiests
who inherit
the earth, maybe some eternal suffering (~20 billion years) for the
Christians. And then time stood still: a single second felt like a
day: 4 dimensional freeze frame, feelings included. And that
precious frozen moment: an ecstatic orgasm, a wonderful breathtaking
vista of a mountain, lake, stream, field of flowers. No, it's that
moment in front of the tv, watching Al Gore or George Bush with his
left hand on the bible, being sworn in to office, you're holding the
phone, you just learned that your whole family's been murdered by a
disgruntled Jesus wannabee. 20 billion years of that moment.

[silence... gasps.... the audience bursts into applause!]

thank you, Ken. When's your next reading?

"Poetry is man's rebellion on being what he is."

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