Re: META: Neanderthal attitudes

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Fri, 3 Sep 1999 11:14:10 -0700 (PDT)

>> Individuals can always rise above the predispositions
>> of their genetic heritage,

> *most* situations, there exist individuals who would
> never be able to master the situation because of their
> genetic heritage. Genetic equality is a fantasy.

OK, delete the "always". I was in that comment referring more to the intellectual/emotional aspects than the physcial ones, which I imagine are easier to overcome (but even that can be debated). I, too, knew early in life that I would never be a basketball player, despite being 6'3", because I had a vertical leap of about an inch and a half, and the speed and agility of a hippo. But I did overcome the handicap of Southern Baptist family and bleeding-heart democratic mom. Indeed, I have since enlightened her.

> I would agree that the facelessness of the lists does make it
> easier to concentrate on the content rather than the speaker.
> Perhaps I should join the transhuman mailing list as Roberta
> just to see what kind of difference it makes.

Even in email, anyone who has been around for a while can usually tell the difference between male and female writers about 80% of the time (I remember the last one I got wrong--I assumed Robin Hanson was female until I discovered otherwise).

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