Re: beer for algernon

Anders Sandberg (
03 Sep 1999 11:55:18 +0200

"Matt Gingell" <> writes:

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> From: Spike Jones <>
> >The consumption of alcohol is known to kill brain cells, but fortunately
> >it kills the slowest and weakest brain cells first. This is why one gets
> >so much smarter after three or four beers. Perhaps you should drink
> >more. {8^D spike
> Yeeeaaaah. Neural Darwinism - screw the scraggliers, who needs them? Now I just
> need to justify chain-smoking and I'm home free.

You could always point to the attention-improving effects of nicotine, but I guess explaining away lung cancer and artheriosclerosis are a bit harder.

As for myself, I now have a big pile of articles to justify my caffeine consumption. :-)

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