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Thu, 2 Sep 1999 09:07:51 +0200

I read a nice article on it at the newscientist website. If you do a search
(kasparov or Deep Blue), I believe you should find it easily.

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Subject: Deep Blue - white paper

I've been re-reading Hofstadter's rationale for why computers had not (at the time of writing GEB) been able to surpass a chess grandmaster. He specifically refers to the ability of chess grandmasters to view the board positions in "chunks", compared to the computer's ability to "see further ahead", and the superiority of the former. And I got to thinking, what did the Deep Blue dev team do differently that allowed it to beat Kasparov? Did it merely crunch the numbers harder than its predecessors?

I've been to IBM's site but all of the information seems pretty lightweight. Does anyone know of a source for a deeper explanation of the Deep Blue strategy?

Cameron Reilly