Re: Gore Shocks Scientists With Creationism Statement

my inner geek (
Wed, 1 Sep 1999 23:47:16 -0700

The average ignorant abused white trash god fearing fucked up little kid has no concept of nanotechnology-based surveillance, command and control systems with direct access to their brains. In other words, the Lord God Almighty.

You could alert the media to downplay god and hype athiesm and still the little rug rats will have no concept of math, physics, psychology, history, social responsibility and consequences of their actions: too complex for simple minds. Solution: little white lies with a wink and a smile - same terminology, different technical details and schematics. Keep the armies of cannon fodder and industrial labor as harmless as possible.

It's a question of crowd control. Humans are self-replicating weapons. They need to be tracked, spellbound and intellectually neutered, for the safety of the herd and success of the national football league and world wrestling federation. Voters easily swayed with the theatrics and make believe battles between equally ignorant political parties. IN GOD WE TRUST. Place your left hand on the Bible and raise your right hand on your heart I pledge allegience to the nation, under god, with liberty and justice for all.

When the monitors deploy it makes a little gurgling noise as the lasers perform neurotomies and the new digitally switched nerve interconnections (with cancellation and bypass circuitry) are assembled into place.

It could be done in their sleep, but that makes it hard to ferret out the subtle control networks associated with consciousness: better to do it while they're awake. Maybe under cover of New Year's Eve party noise and drunken festivities. On behalf of the Borg, welcome to Pleasantville, uh, erh, salvation, or heaven. Judgement day is upon us, and you've been saved, no go home and O.D. so we can get you suspended before destroying your frozen remains in Merkles scanning and replicating procedure. Wait a minute: it's absurd! Life is meaningless, death is nothing to fear.

Then again, for the emotional catharsis of meek athiests who inherit the earth, maybe some eternal suffering (~20 billion years) for the Christians. And then time stood still: a single second felt like a day: 4 dimensional freeze frame, feelings included. And that precious frozen moment: an ecstatic orgasm, a wonderful breathtaking vista of a mountain, lake, stream, field of flowers. No, it's that moment in front of the tv, watching Al Gore or George Bush with his left hand on the bible, being sworn in to office, you're holding the phone, you just learned that your whole family's been murdered by a disgruntled Jesus wannabee. 20 billion years of that moment.