Re: >H RE: Present dangers to transhumanism
Thu, 2 Sep 1999 01:27:37 EDT

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> I suppose in theory I shouldn't worry about going nuts if I find out

> that there are no ultimate goals, because then my going nuts wouldn't
> intrinsically be worse than not going nuts. In practice, I do worry
> about it, partially because it sheds light on the "foundations of the
> foundations", partially because it helps me locate residual desires,
> partially because I'm still not sure I have the right formulation of
> anything, and partially because it's tied up with cosmological problems
> like the Great Filter Paradox.

Silly Conjecture, by a silly conjecturist: There ain't no Great Filter. What appears to be Fermi's paradox is simply that outer space is kinda big; and that real space-faring Super-Civilizations/Personalities/Brains are very, very, Spread Out. That radio waves just don't propagate quite as well as we think they should, and that where we are physically at-from the supposed other chaps- is something massive that jams radio signals and interupts neutrino streams. A galactic nucleus would do; and just maybe we are the only sentients in the dear, old, Milky Way?