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> How does a species that to a large degree based on a fight for
> survival, develop a philosophy, or a rasion-d'etre, for this
> environment. Yes, we have all seen the posts -- I want to travel,
> I want to create music/art/explore interesting scientific problems,
> etc. I raised a point a week or so back, that perhaps the purpose
> of it all was to turn all of the available matter & energy in
> the universe into a "perfect" structure or the "ultimate" thought
> machine, or maybe the single most aesthetic work of art. I don't
> recall anyone commenting on that, but I think it begins to chip
> at the problem.
> When it is *not* about survival (or reproduction) -- What is it about?
[much snippage]

well, my take on this is fairly simple. my goal is to improve untill i deem myself knowledgable enough to make intelligent decisions about The Big Questions. once my consciousness is firmly in place inside a quantum-dot/m-brain/j-brain/whatever-turns-out-working-best (with a black hole projector set up for self-defense, of course), ill start contemplating questions like "what should i be doing with my spare time?". but untill the day that im firmly encapsulated, i dont deem myself qualified to do anything except become qualified. then i might start to think about "what its all about", or the true meaning of "42", or whatever...

but untill that day, onward and upward! towards ascension! rally round the family! 54-40 or fight! 46 and 2! remember the almo! roughriders! dixie! for god and for gideon! over the top! die motherfuckers! (circa vietnam, 1969) etc etc etc yada yada yada blah blah blah... =)

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