Re: understanding neuroscience

Clint O'Dell (
Wed, 01 Sep 1999 20:27:47 MDT

>You might put it to memory and you might act on that memory but I >doubt it
>would change your mentality.

It is memory associations that create your mentality. Several mentaly ill people are that way not because of a damaged brain but because they had bad experiences. What you learn, experience, taught is all part of memory. Even your movements. Everything is learned and if learning is involvoved then memory MUST be involved as well.

>It's likely, it makes sense that memories of emotional situations >should
>have greater 'strength' although I have no personal experience >of this

Of course it would because you are associating your emotion (comfort level), with your thoughts (hateful, loving, logical, etc...), along with physicals (example:tense). The reason you are associating all these things is because strong emotions create bodily alertness/awareness.

>However, just because it is etched into my memory does not mean it >will
>change my mentality. I might be the sort of person who will >avoid a
>tanned hide at all costs in which case my fathers threats >would work
>because they would change my behaviour (as above), but if >I do not have
>that mentality my fathers threats would never give me >that mentality (or
>alter my programming as I think you were >suggesting).

Not necessarily because there are a lot of memoris (and I mean a lot!) to consider. A few non-seemingly related memories may not effect your personality.

>It has been my direct observation (personal experience) in multiple
>situations that strongly entrenched early memories that are mostly
>suppresed (though perhaps acted upon), may be "overcome", if you can >bring
>the memory to the surface so that the conscious mind is aware >of it.

>I would not be able to reverse my programming simply because I >located the
>event that caused it, however, if I find the subconscious >memory I am
>acting upon I can change my behaviour.

Personality IS a behavior!

Simply locating memory to change your thoughts is not what anyone said. Or maybe I missed that post. What you have to do is make a conscious connection with the memories. Find something in common and physicaly act to associate the memories using the connectable concepts you find between the memories. Remember sound, sight, touch, taste, movement, and thoughts all are controlled by memory.

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