RE: Creating a thought

Clint O'Dell (
Wed, 01 Sep 1999 18:59:08 MDT

Sorry, I havn't finished it yet. When I'm writing this stuff I'm sitting here for hours rethinking it all. Trying to remember what I've thought about before.

You realy do control thoughts. There must be some sort of motor function that can push thoughts. This would be controlled the same way other motor functions are controlled. At will, or to take your point of view, on request I can completely clear my mind of all thoughts. Granted it takes several minutes to get there and it only lasts for a few minutes but I do stop thoughts from comming. I also make thoughts come. I can even decide which path I chose to bring up which memories I want. I can remember to the age of 1! Its amasing. I've been tested several times and my tests show that I do have a supior memory. Maybe that is why its so easy for me to control my thoughts. What I would like to do is hook my self up to a machine and go through my thought exercises and record everything that happens. Then I can learn more about how I do this. I'm sure that I've figured it out once before (philosophicaly). I do know that its related to a motor function of some sort. I also know that self recognition creates another emergent property and that it relates to free will. Details, details. Give me till Sunday again so I can think more on this. It may just turn out that you are right and I've tricked myself into believing I control my thoughts.

What are your experiences? Is this something you work on as a profession or are you a hobiest like myself?

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