Re: History of ExI and Foresight?

Gina Miller (
Wed, 1 Sep 1999 17:18:35 -0700

About the Foresight Institute: Nanogirl

>Does anyone know where I can find accounts of the very early history of
>the Extropy Institute, Foresight Institute, or any similar
>organizations? Who founded it, the size of the initial group, how they
>were incorporated, where the early funders were found (if any), what
>tasks the Institutes performed, what type of volunteer work was
>involved, how they found volunteers, at what point they were
>incorporated as nonprofits, the text of their charters?
>I'm sure you can guess why I want to know, but please don't take this as
>a promise or anything. I just want to know what's involved - in
>particular, what would have to be in place for the potential to exist.
>If you have any general Web resources to suggest, I'll take those too.
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