Re: understanding neuroscience

Bryan Moss (
Wed, 1 Sep 1999 18:08:45 +0100

Clint O'Dell quoted Robert Bradbury:

> I very much doubt that you have lost any of the programming that was
> done to you as a child. You may have frosted over the cake or
> buried the ideas away in the back of your mind, or logically
> constructed a system more workable for you. But I would give
> better than even odds that a blow to your head of sufficient
> magnitude and you would forget all of that and you would be back
> where you were before you constructed a new reality on top of
> your old reality.

While it is true that the brain is still developing during childhood I think the assumption the childhood 'programming' is therefore hard to overcome is probably wrong. If you can cite any research to contrary that does not involve twin studies or other parlour tricks I would be interested.