Why Libertarianism is mistaken

Michael A Johnson (MAJUS@prodigy.net)
Wed, 1 Sep 1999 09:50:31 -0700

Many on the list expouse libertarian views, in many ways so do I, however
"Libertarianism" has come under sharp attack. In fact, many feel that is
has been disproven and found untenable. This is why I feel the term
"Libertarianism" cannot be used to describe Extropian political values.
Yes, they both share some tennents, but if the Extropian movement is to advance it needs to develop its own strain of thought and vocabulary. Utilizing a different term instead of Libertarianism is a first step in building a new political/social construct. For those not familiar with the critique please look at the links below.
http://www.cs.bham.ac.uk/~jah/politics/libcrit.short http://www.etsu.edu/philos/faculty/hugh/libertar.htm

Michael A. Johnson
Graduate Student--Political Science
Arizona State University