RE: Libertarianism and State based order

Michael A Johnson (
Wed, 1 Sep 1999 07:40:52 -0700

Craig Presson, I think, respectfully missed my point. First, I am not advocating a state based political order with the phrase "rigorous politcal theory." Second, I realize that many on the list already agree with the premises of libertarian theory. My hope is that we can as Extropians begin to find ways to rationally argue against state structure. We must do this, however, utilizing the thought patterns of statists. Situated in Academia as I am, I would be grateful for a list of good reads that agrue against state structure, not just expouse the virtues of a free society. I am familiar with Robert Nozick, F.A. Hayek, Although I have not read Friedman's "The Machinery of Freedom," I will look into it-- and any other books you think I should read please e-mail, thanks.

Any academics or those who have withered their way through graduate programs, I would grateful for advice on how to incorporate Extropian ideas into my work without projecting myself as a wackjob. Regretfully, anarcho-capatalist; libertarian; and classical liberal theory are not mainstream thought in the ivory tower. I would like to incorporate Extropian ideas while not damaging my career prospects. Michael A. Johnson
Graduate Student--Political Science
Arizona State University