Re: Tough Questions
Wed, 01 Sep 1999 10:38:04 -0400

Patrick Wilken writes:
>This is a very good point and one that I think has been missed in >some of these discussions. There is a tremendous tension between >individual freedom and the common good. This has always been true, >and the Western political tradition has in large part been a search >for a principled line between the two.

In the current American socio-political landscape, most of our current public debates have a basis in exactly this tension: abortion, gun control, smoking, even cloning and genetics.

Turning to the applications of that tension within extropianism, itself, I arrive at the following 'hard questions': To what extent do extropians support the development of a wider community, and to what extent would they prefer to develop private enclaves? Will extropians arrive at a point wherein they reject the sovreignty of any nationally-based governance, or would the extropians in the end have to establish a compromise between their own ideals and the strictures of geopraphically-based polity? If extropians decide to establish their own polity, what form would it take?

Kathryn Aegis