Re: Transhuman List Blatant Commentary
Wed, 01 Sep 1999 10:09:27 -0400

Natasha writes:
>I really don't find this to be true. I think that the transhumanist
>organizations work together quite wonderfully and cooperatively.

Well, I wrote that message days before it appeared on the list! I was hoping to forestall the sort of knock-down drag-out fighting that we saw last time this came up, but it seems that our community has matured enough to face these questions more civilly. I would like to withdraw my original comments in favor of the present debate as cast by you and Greg.

I also would like to present the DC Transhumanists group, of which I am the director, as an excellent example of the cooperation of which Natasha speaks. The general breakdown within the group puts the extropian population at about 70%, and each member of the group has been wonderfully supportive of the endeavors of each other member. We have welcomed visits from extropian luminaries and leaders in general transhumanism. As we make plans for future expansion, we will be looking at ways to continue to bring both extropians and general transhumanists into our group.

Kathryn Aegis