Re: NEURO: Head Transplants"
Mon, 30 Aug 1999 23:07:13 -0700

Spike Jones, <>, writes:
> > Hal writes:
> > >But Reeve wouldn't benefit from the procedure, unless or until his current
> > >body begins to fail. ... Since he was reasonably athletic before
> > >his accident he probably had a pretty good body to start with....
> >
> > Kathryn Aegis wrote: This is not supported by medical fact.... The athletic
> > qualities of his body only shield him slightly from that.
> Ja, I suspect that Hawking would be a better candidate for head transplant.
> A lot of us might even be willing to kick in a donation to defray the expense.
> spike

Are you kidding? That'd cost an arm and a leg!