Re: New Government?

phil osborn (
Mon, 30 Aug 1999 18:43:48 PDT

> >
> > As I recently said, "The solution would be corporate sponsorship."
> >
> > If you value life, *value* life!
>Imagine the following:
>Welcome to Union Carbide High School, home of the UCHS Gassers...
>because we care.
>Tonite our team is playing the boys of the Mighty Lockheed Bombers,
>visiting from Ground Zero Stadium...
>I am all for competition and merit in student acheivement, and no
>mainstreaming. I am especially for competition and merit among teachers
>(break the NEA monopoly), but pasting a corporate logo on my kid so he
>can go to school? Thats the kind of irresponsible idea that the morons I
>talk of in my prior post would be all for...
So you actually think that it's better to take money from people who happen to have preferences for lifestyles different from yours, at the point of a gun, money which is then allocated by bureaucrats with no stake in the outcome toward whatever passes for "education" among the elite parasites from academia - the people who told my parents not to ruin me by teaching me to read at the age of three; wait for the experts to do it at six. The jerks who spread racism throughout the South. Right. You might want to look into the FIRST public school - which was public in the sense that it was open to anyone - run at a profit by Lancaster in the 18th century. He educated half of London, including the poorest of the poor, and made money hand over fist.
The idea of corporate sponsorship vs. state sponsorship would almost certainly be a major improvement over what we have now in "education," which is mind-numbingly awful, for the most part. However, I should also note that corporations are themselves children of the state. I would much prefer private sponsorship and actual investment, similar to the successful microloans program.
A child in deepest central Africa should be able to get a loan if the creditors see a profit in it. Of couse, if he were to form a personal trust and sell shares in himself, then he would have a vested interest in maintaining the value of the shares, as these would be his ticket to acquire further investment for going to college, starting a business, etc. The internet has made this all quite feasible, by reducing the various information costs - transactional and risk. It's just a matter of time before the businessmen start offering mutual funds that invest directly in people - kids as well as adults. And I would sure bet my money on one of those kids long before I would hand over any cash to some kid who has been indoctrinated in the state schools.

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