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Mon, 30 Aug 1999 17:08:48 PDT

Hello everyone,

I was fascinated by questions Adam Hunter put to the list members on cryonet and so ask all of you to consider what your answers would be! I put my own answers in parentheses. I look forward to reading how the rest of you would reply to his thought provoking questions.

He wrote:
From: Adam Hunter <> Subject: questions

I have a couple of questions for the people on this list who plan to be frozen:

  1. In any way does cryonics provide the same sort of psychological comfort that religion provides for some people? Have you just replaced heaven with the future?

(I do see how the heaven replaced with the future analogy could be used! I
do think cryonics does provide psychological comfort for people; no question about it! I believe in God and an afterlife but I do not like the shortness of the human lifespan. I want to stick around longer in the flesh to see how things turn out down here! I also do not have absolute perfect knowledge of my spiritual beliefs though I do not go on "blind faith". I have had emotional and spiritual experiences that indicate to me my beliefs are correct. These are personal and important to me. Yet I admit I like a back-up way to help extend me into the future. I am in a sense hedging my bets but I realize that death in the end WILL find me even if it takes ages. I just want at least a few extra centuries of life and youth. I do not feel that life was fair to me the first time around due to learning disabilities, clinical depression, a.d.d. and poverty I have had to endure. So I want a second chance to have the life I always wanted. I am only 32 years old and already feeling the chill of age barely touching me.)

2. Since you plan to live forever, what are your long term goals?

(My long term goals should I be successfully reanimated are to adapt to the
world I find myself in and enjoy it as much as I can. I fully expect to find a world that is far kinder and more prosperous then the one we inhabit right now. Not a utopia but a wonderful, wonderful place still compared to the present. My goals will be then to learn a new profession, reunite with my then mate or find a new partner, acquire some wealth, gain a handsome and perfected body (no more learning disabilities, depression or a.d.d.!) make lots of new friends, reunite with old friends from my pre-animation days, learn about and enjoy the new activities and pastimes of the new era, try to do some good deeds and be of service where I can, travel into space and get to know and appreciate the incredible women that will inhabit the late 21st century! I am very angry about the hand life dealt me and so I see cryonics as a means to get the life I wanted. It is so unfair for only a relative few at present to have the good-looks, health, good family nurturing and high intelligence. I want a world where everyone gets there chance.)

How do you look at life differently than somebody who expects to live a short life span?

(I feel even if I don't do everything I had wanted to in the near-term it is
alright. Also it makes me feel less frustrated about my limitations in life due to my learning disabilities, a.d.d. and depression. And also my near wasted youth due to these problems and a father who was not there ever as I was raised in poverty does not seem so totally bad because I feel I may get another chance as a mere mortal.)

2. Are any of you afraid of your bodies falling into the wrong hands after your frozen? It is possible that you might be reanimated as some kind of lab animal.

(I am afraid of an earthquake, hurricane, terrorist attack or some such
event destroying my frozen body. I will not be stored in California! lol Unless we have a major social breakdown I do not see my body being abused. A limited nuclear war with a military take-over in this country as the result could possibly result in such an event but I hope this would not happen.)


(I enjoyed pondering your questions!


John Grigg)

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