Re: The Baha'i (Was Re: Evolution - Creationism Debate)

Clint O'Dell (
Mon, 30 Aug 1999 16:37:30 MDT

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For everyone who has contributed to broadening the understanding of the religions discussed previously, thank you.

Out of all the religions I've come across I've come to the conclusion that the one I could actually tolerate would be Unitarian. That's not to say I'm announcing my faith as a Unitarian. I'm still very much Atheist. What I am saying is that I've found reason not to discriminate against religion.

"We uphold the free search for truth. We will not be bound by a statement
of belief. We do not ask anyone to subscribe to a creed."

"Human understanding of life and death, the world and its mysteries, is
never final."

So, it seems that not all religious people are ignoramuses after all.

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