Re: Evolution Vs Creationism

Brian D Williams (
Mon, 30 Aug 1999 08:02:38 -0700 (PDT)

From: Aaron Davidson <>

>>There is some religious organization called Baha'i here in Denver
>>hosting a Debate between Evolution and Creationism.
>>I'm not sure which side they're on so I sent them an email.

>Baha'i is a religion. It seems like a rather mild type of cultish
>christianity, but I don't know much more about it. I'd hazard a
>guess and say they are either creationists or perhaps even

The Baha'i are a group that originated in what is now Iran in the 1850's. They are very progressive for a religion, in fact one of their tenets is the idea of progressive revelation. The Baha'i also have a tenet of the essential unity of science and religion, they have a saying "science without religion is materialism, but religion without science is superstition."

The Baha'i temple outside of Chicago is one of the most beautiful buildings in town, be sure and see it if you get the chance....

The Baha'i are very friendly, it should be a good discussion.


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