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O'Regan, Emlyn (
Mon, 30 Aug 1999 15:54:43 +1000

> Kathryn Aegis said:
> > Anders had mentioned to me at one poitn that he had a lot of good texts,
> > but only in Swedish. I wonder if anyone would take on the task of
> > translating some of the more important efforts that are not in English?
> Or
> > maybe translating selections from THE TRANSHUMANIST into other
> languages?
> Well, here's a golden opportunity to see if we can bring Kurzweil
> closer to the fold (as it were) by donating some software time.
> Kurzweil's company does machine translations of natural languages.
Machine translation of technical texts is not going to cut it. To translate these kinds of texts you need people who are highly compentent in both languages involved, who also specialize to some degree in the content involved. For transhumanist texts, you need a translator who understands current scientific terminology, also with some humanities background. Pretty daunting requirements, but not impossible.

(barely managing to handle my first language)