Re: Educational System Outcasts [was Re: Twin Studies]

Moore, David (
Sun, 29 Aug 1999 21:52:34 -0500

> Robert J. Bradbury wrote:  Lets take a straw poll, how many people

> in the group were "outsiders" as children, e.g. played mostly alone,
> had only a few friends, or were generally rejected by the social
> cliques that educational system produces?

As a kid up to the age of 16 or so I was a LONER. I fondly recall the countless hours I spent in my grandmothers spacious attic with a stack of 20 year-old National Geographics and the 1952 dedition of World Book.Later as I got into my high school years I was pretty much the "cross-clique kid" that Greg Burch described. I had no problem whatsoever mixing in with the "Brains", the "Nerds", the "Jocks" or the "Dopers." That socialization was confined to school though, away from classess I was still pretty much a loner.
About the last two years of high school I became lifelong friends with a "Brain". We happily spent the last two years of high school attending countless Star Trek conventions, L-5 Society meetings etc...