colonization of space
Sun, 29 Aug 1999 19:38:32 EDT

Hello. Locke here.

I have had some thoughts on a way to colonize space without all that tedious mucking about in life support technology, or at least less of it. While I am new to the transhuman scene, and am not sure whether this idea could be considered transhuman thinking, I figured, "What's a better way to plant this idea into hundreds of minds?"

The concept is simple. A hyper-adaptive gene, bred or implanted into humans. The gene would allow humans to survive in ammonia, nitrogen, sulfur, and any other atmosphere you can think of. The gene would cause changes over a relatively short time, maybe within two generations. So some life support would be needed, but nothing long-term. Eventually, humans on Titan or somewhere would be able to shut down the life support indefinitely, thus freeing up power to better understand this foreign environment.

                            "Ex Astris, Scientia!"