Re: Present dangers to transhumanism

Natasha Vita-More (
Sun, 29 Aug 1999 11:24:32 -0700

At 10:58 PM 8/28/99 EDT, Greg wrote:

>As one perhaps very important
>example, consider Robert Bradbury's recent observation that the developing
>world may welcome advanced genetic agricultural technology more than the
>"first world". Likewise, Natasha Vita-More has made the good point that
>in our time as a group more oriented to the imagination and creative new
>approaches than the average person, may present more fertile ground for
>widespread acceptance of our ideas than many other influential segments of
>the population, presenting a high-value cultural "leverage point" for
>pressing ahead with our agenda of augmenting the human animal.

At Extro 4, it was evident that there is a great desire for us to work together to carve the emerging culture. I have great respect for Robert Bradbury's contributions as well, Greg, and your mental power and ability to collaborate.

Last night I had dinner with a very close friend who has made a name for herself as an author and recording artist. Her encouragement of me to move forward, don't look back, take it on, and ignore the small-minded folks who feel envy or anger or combativeness who try to tear down the strengths of creativity. It is hard sometimes because it impairs, but it is essential in order to get work done when on presenting new ideas that ruffle feathers.

The greatest art form of this time is ourselves and our ideas! I say stand firm, be publically polite and learn how to express ideas objectively and with a calm but speak up when misinformation needs to be addressed. The skills that allow adversaries to *not* feel threatened and is our best tool.


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