RE: Present dangers to transhumanism

Natasha Vita-More (
Sun, 29 Aug 1999 11:12:17 -0700

At 02:21 AM 8/29/99 +0000, Nick wrote:

> But it seems that there are many people who have both interest
>and at least some time, but somehow lack *gumption* unless
>explicitly told what to do by somebody else. Max and Natasha didn't
>receive a phone call telling them to organize Extro-4. Ok, most of us
>aren't that driven, so we also need to give each other encouragement
>and support. But in the end, the initiative typically lies with the
>individual one or with small groups of people who meet each other

I'll take your lead, Nick.

Right now, I'm doing book signing and radio/print interviews for the 2nd edition of my self-published book _Create/Recreate: The Third Millennial Culture_. I'm very delighted with the content of the book -- more essays, less images. I'm currently planning a signing at a very well known bookstore Midnight Special, in Santa Monica, and also one in Silicon Valley. I will read from my book about the beginnings of transhumanism and how to influence culture by spreading positive creative extropian memes.

I would like to invite those of you who have writings, essays, books, etc. to send me your work and to possibility join me at these events. I think it would be quite wonderful event!

Please contact me privately.

Thank you.


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