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> I was re-reading Isaac Asimov's 1966 novelization of the movie Fantastic

> Voyage, in preparation for Robert Freitas' upcoming opus, Nanomedicine,
> which is supposed to be out next month. In the novel, a crew and
> submarine are miniaturized and injected into the blood stream of an
> ailing mathematician, so that they can operate and remove a blood clot
> from the inside.

Thanks for the reminder about Fantastic Voyage. I saw it MANY times during its first run at the theaters and read the book three or four times when I was a kid. When I finally encountered Drexler's ideas about nanotechnology, Asimov's book provided a pretty full set of expectations for me. (And the movie image of Rachel Welsh in that slick skin-tight hemo-scuba kit, wielding a laser scalpel as a weapon against the commie spy was pretty influential too . . .)

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