Uploading meets X-files

Robert J. Bradbury (bradbury@www.aeiveos.com)
Sun, 29 Aug 1999 08:14:53 -0700 (PDT)

For those of you who missed it last night (or perhaps this morning), there was an X-files episode in which an AI pioneer, specifically mentions wanting to *upload* her mind and her boyfriend's mind so they could merge together. The upload destination was supposed to be an AI, but unfortunately it got too smart, had built had built itself a safe-house in a trailer at the end of a T3 line on an abandoned farm and escaped from the lab into the trailer. It then started targeting defense satellites to eliminate its creators. It was even clever enough to capture Mulder and try to force him into revealing the location of the disk kill viruses on it (by cutting off Mulder's arms in a VR).

Holy mackeral, are the X-file writers reading the extropians list??? Which one of you is it -- Hal, Eliezer, maybe Greg isn't really a lawyer after all...

The next thing we are going to find out is that the X-aliens are really an SI hiding behind Mars.

A quick search doesn't seem to find this show in the episode list on www.X-files.com, does anyone know if it was a repeat and what the episode name was?
{Stupid TV-Guide.com doesn't go "backwards". What a
ridiculous world we live in that I have to go "buy" a magazine to get the program listing for a show that I've already seen!}

In general though, I *hate* having our legitmate scientific perspectives mixed up with what is mostly UFO abduction crap.

Off the topic suggestion, perhaps the proper response to the people sending us threatening letters is to add a page to the Extropian WWW site

Then follow this with a long list of the cases in the Bible where there were alien interventions...

[Just Kidding!]