RE: Gore Shocks Scientists With Creationism Statement

Joao Pedro Magalhaes (
Sun, 29 Aug 1999 13:55:06 +0100


At 18:09 28-08-1999 -0700, you wrote:
>As an extropian who believes in an open society, I say live and let
>live. Those who are burdened by irrational belief systems are simply
>those who compete less effectively. In the end, their silly beliefs
>will disappear. I would say, not freedom from religion, but rather
>freedom from oppresive government!! The only way to increase the speed
>of technological change is to foster an open, dynamic society which
>allows kooks in Kansas to raise their children to be imbeciles (without
>stealing anyone's earnings) as well as allow me to teach my son that
>god is just pretend.

But one day the imbeciles of Kansas might think that your son deserves to die because he intends to use gene therapy on his offspring. I disagree with all this freedom, just like people should be forced to go to school, so should they be forced to learn evolution.