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Max More (
Sat, 28 Aug 1999 22:19:50 -0700

On a related topic -- I just received a copy of a new newsletter from "The Anti-Transhumanist League", which arrived in an envelope with no return address (but has a Portland, OR postal mark). After a comment on the
"transhumanist cult" based on a quote about the concept of soul from Nick
Bostrom, the newsletter largely attacks transhumanism by quoting from my 1990 essay "Transhumanism: Towards a Futurist Philosophy".

The writer is almost certainly a fundamentalist Christian. I don't take his or her claims about their international organization against transhumanism seriously, but it's interesting to finally see some stirring of anti-transhumanism from those intellectually debilitated by an excess of religion. For your entertainment, here's a sample selection:

"Max More makes it very clear in his essay diatribe against religion that
religion is the force arrayed against the goals of transhumanists and must
be eradicated if their Godless posthuman super race has any chance of coming into existence."

"Dear readers, this guy is not kidding. He means to eradicate religion, all
religions, as he knows that as long as religion is a force in people [sic] lives Transhumanist eugenics - disguised as progress - will be fought tooth and claw by the religious."

Does anyone have any information about this person(s). Since they sound rather adamant and upset, I'd like to keep an eye on them.



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