Re: Educational System Outcasts [was Re: Twin Studies]

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Sun, 29 Aug 1999 01:15:17 +0100

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Subject: Educational System Outcasts [was Re: Twin Studies]

>Lets take a straw poll, how many people in the group
>were "outsiders" as children, e.g. played mostly alone,
>had only a few friends, or were generally rejected by
>the social cliques that educational system produces?

Sure, that would be me. Not at all in the States, interestingly enough, but as soon as a moved to the UK (when I was 11) I might as well have renamed myself Pariah. I never did fit very well into the educational system either, although I had a couple of outstanding teachers along the way - an English teacher who was more than happy for me produce reams of science fiction, and a Physics teacher who loaned me a copy of Godel, Escher and Bach when I was 14 spring to mind.


Chris Watkins