Re: Book Review: Unintended Consequences, by John Ross (Accurate Press)
Sat, 28 Aug 1999 09:59:57 -0700

Mike Lorrey writes:
> Having heard that some anti-freedom busybodies were proposing that this
> book be banned nationwide, I went out and read John Ross' masterful
> novel of the put-upon gun culture, "Unintended Consequences" ($28.95
> from hard-to-find Accurate Press in St. Louis, so try Paladin Press at
> 800-392-2400, or else Loompanics).

I haven't read this book, but out of curiosity I checked and it is available from Amazon for $20.27 (plus shipping). I am very skeptical that Tom Brokaw has called for the book to be banned; where did you hear this, Mike? There have been a number of falsely attributed statements circulated by the right wing (Janet Reno claiming that Christians are cult members, etc.). This sounds like more of the same.

As I mentioned the other day when you buy from Amazon, you can get them to make a donation to Foresight Institute if you start from: