Book Review: Unintended Consequences, by John Ross (Accurate Press)
Sat, 28 Aug 1999 11:08:19 EDT

Having heard that some anti-freedom busybodies were proposing that this book be banned nationwide, I went out and read John Ross' masterful novel of the put-upon gun culture, "Unintended Consequences" ($28.95 from hard-to-find Accurate Press in St. Louis, so try Paladin Press at 800-392-2400, or else Loompanics). Its a thick novel, around 1000 pages, written in a style like James Halperin uses in his novel, The First Immortal, but documenting a century of the evolution of gun technology, efforts to opress people's ability to obtain said technology, and finally what one small group of individuals, raised around said technology, and pushed too far by a goverment of jack booted thugs will do to restore our nation's sense of value for our civil liberties. As soon as I got it, I couldn't put it down. Started reading it yesterday at 3 pm and finished it today at about the same time. No sleep.... Despite what some leftist propagandists might claim, this book IS NOT sexist, racist, or bigoted in any way, quite the opposite. One of the main characters is a Jewish man who helped instigate the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, obtaining guns for others from his Nazi victims, escaping the ghetto, and eventually playing a pivotal role in the endgame of the protagonists campaign here in the modern day in the US...another main character is a woman who is kidnapped as a teen ager to be a mafia sex slave, escapes death, and eventually takes control of her life and makes a significant contribution to freedom.

I highly recommend this book for all of you freedom lovers out there, and if anyone can get me links on whether there are actual overt efforts to suppress this book, I would appreciate it...

Mike Lorrey