Re: AI chess project - looking for collaborators.

steve berkeley (
Fri, 27 Aug 1999 14:54:19 -0700


Although my programming skills are woefully lacking, I have had a life long interest in chess and have played a number of chess computers including this sweet little Swiss model that has given me many great nights of pleasure and pain. A bit about me: My first degree was in anthropology, I became an extropian in 1995, I saw your talk at Extro3 (very good). I'm currently enrolled at the Univ. of North Carolina at Asheville. My present focus is to learn as much as I can about computers and the stock markets...I honestly don't know if I would be more and asset or a liability to the project, but I'm willing to try. steve


On Thu, 26 Aug 1999 13:21:34   Sasha Chislenko wrote:

>I am thinking of launching an AI chess project, with
>experience-based [meta]evolution of position and move patterns.
>Hopefully, should be relatively easy to program, and very
>depressing to play with. :-) If anybody is interested in
>working on it, let me know.
>Sasha Chislenko <>
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