RE:Present dangers to transhumanism
Fri, 27 Aug 1999 07:50:18 -0700

Waldemar writes:
>I do not agree with you, Kathryn. Let me explain.
>Is the above really interesting?

Gosh, I didn't know it had to interest you in particular to be a valid concern. It sure interests me--from my end things are pretty darned lonely and sometimes very stressful. It also interests the five or so women who
dropped in on the lists last year, had a miserable experience, and wrote to me about it. (and left)

Also, we are still largely European and Euro-American. There is a big expansion ahead, but we are still talking amongst ourselves as if *we* comprise all there is to transhumanism! There is a huge set of perspectives and experiences left untapped, and we may not get to tap into
them unless we make some effort. "Effort" could simply mean making ourselves known in forums and networks we hadn't previously considered. Simple coalition-building techniques. Right now our networking is very
narrow in scope, tends to be among those we feel comfortable with.

>We should be looking out for good prospects
>in general, without looking for a specific gender (what are
>genders going to be in the future, probably intersexuality >or
serial gender), race (hey, I am a mix of Swedish, >Italian and Norwegian), age (we should have more 500 year
>old members, agree to that).

I was very careful not to suggest 'recruting' or 'quotas', and yet this statement always comes up whenever someone tries to discuss diversity. The lurking PC club used to stifle discussion....

Kathryn Aegis

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