Re: AI chess project - looking for collaborators.

Spike Jones (
Thu, 26 Aug 1999 20:06:07 -0700

> [Sasha Chislenko is] thinking of launching an AI chess project, with
> experience-based [meta]evolution of position and move patterns.
> Hopefully, should be relatively easy to program, and very
> depressing to play with. :-) If anybody is interested in
> working on it, let me know.

Sasha Im a ~1900 rated chess player, but only so-so as a programmer. Do review what has already been done in this field before investing too much time tho. Much of the effort in this area has been abandoned, for it turns out to be much more difficult than it sounds. If you have a
specific task, Im open minded.

Speaking of computer chess, a quiet revolution has taken place in the field in the past decade. Now, a 100 dollar program running on a 700 dollar computer can easily kick every ass at the local club. They are performing at the lower International Master level, and have lifted a quite few grandmaster scalps, even under tournament conditions, 40 moves in 2 hours. I stand in awe of that achievement. spike