Re: Oh, those gaussians (Was: Twin Studies)

Eliezer S. Yudkowsky (
Thu, 26 Aug 1999 18:15:56 -0500

> From: J. R. Molloy <>

> >Yes, someone once pointed out to me that no one invented capitalism. It
> >arises spontaneously from the natural order of life. Knowing that changes
> >forever the way one looks at socialist ideology.

Socialism also arose spontaneously from the natural order of life. In a small band, where meat is scarce - say, one high-value hit per person per week - while anyone can gather vegetables with effort, a capitalist economy will develop for vegetables and a socialist economy will develop for meat. I'm totally oversimplifying here, but the point is that we have built-in functions for property rights *and* sharing. It's just that only the property-rights mindset can scale up to a national economy, while the socialist mindset only works within small tribes and families.

For that matter, even aristocracy arose spontaneously from the natural order of life. Most forms of government do. The "natural order of life" is a pretty diverse and flexible thing, with lots of special-purpose code.

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