Re: New Government?

Gabriele Betti (
Thu, 26 Aug 1999 18:49:56 +0200

I think, or maybe it would be better not to.. .
In this case it is maybe pertinent to talk about resources, anti mater (or matter) would be a credible one.

What is it ?
How do I sell this information to the average person? Do I need to change the whole living enviroment to do so? "Sometimes, here , there is a discrepancy between "salt in the pumpkin", that's how we say to be smart in Italy and how to make the most out of this salt, in terms of social evolution".
Would it be better to take care of my self and then others? Is it UFO and other unprobable archetipos the only common language ? I wish I could do something for others and not just to give value to my efforts

At 00.36 26/08/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Clint O'Dell wrote:
>> Since school started I've been forced to put responses further and further
>> back on my priority list and it probably won't get any better since I also
>> need to do some extra reading on subjects brought up in this list, and also
>> there's my own research. However, I would still like the groups opinion on
>> ideal government.
>> Most people would call me socialist for bringing this up but I think it is
>> both socialist and capitalist.
>> The idea is:
>> Free Medical & Dental
>> Free Education
>> Free Housing
>> Anything else you want you can buy.
>> The idea is by helping your neighbor you increase your own chance for
>> survival. Anyone for this? Against It? Any ideas on how it would work?
>I want free space launches. Since a space launch is obiously expensive,
>who pays? TANSTAAFL.
>Mike Lorrey