Re: Computer/Upload sex [was Interesting Idea]

Anders Sandberg (
25 Aug 1999 21:03:32 +0200

"Daniel J. Boone" <> writes:

> >Before I go out and buy a cranial drill, is there any reason why I shouldn't
> >do this to myself?
> Uh, the risk that your hand might shake and you might miss?

Actually, cranial drills are good that way, they stop once past the cranium. The tricky part is to get the electrodes to the right place, for that you need a stereotactic frame. I haven't tried, but I guess it might be tricky using the frame on oneself in the mirror :-)

> Daniel "My brain hurts" Boone

Actually, there are no pain sensors in the brain. Although I guess you could get a pain sensation by stimulating the right parts...

Oh dear, I have got stuck in my medical sick humor state... :-)

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