Re: Educational System Outcasts [was Re: Twin Studies]

Clint O'Dell (
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 11:42:30 MDT

>Robert J. Bradbury wrote: Lets take a straw poll, how many people
>in the group were "outsiders" as children, e.g. played mostly alone,
>had only a few friends, or were generally rejected by the social
>cliques that educational system produces?

I was socially rejected in elementary and junior high, but that is because I hadn't learned the social protocols of the time among that age group. I blame that partially on my dysfunctional parents for which my mom is very retarded.

Midway through high school I learned via observation how to handle different situations and now I have no problem making friends. In fact I'm now becoming the popular one. A combination of self satire and impressive knowledge helps.

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