Re: Oh, those gaussians (Was: Twin Studies)

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Wed, 25 Aug 1999 09:47:24 -0700

You're very welcome, Phil.
It makes me feel good to contribute my tiny bit to this list ... a list that I value, btw, because one can mention something like the genetic components of IQ without starting a debate over the philosophical implications of social Darwinism, etc.

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Subject: Re: Oh, those gaussians (Was: Twin Studies)

>Thank you. This is certainly true and in perspective. What so many
>Mensans, extropians, libertarians have tended to ignore is the overwhelming
>evidence that it is quite possible to create much different environments
>children. Even if Burt were correct, the 20% on top of a genetically high
>base would be worth the effort. That's the difference between brilliance
>and genius. Since the evidence indicates that the difference is
>considerably higher, it is an indication of serious problems when we see
>intelligent people ignoring this opportunity. But those problems are
>another thread...