Re: Beowuld schmeowulf...

Steve Tucker (
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 22:35:37 -0500

Your idea sounds very similar in concept to corewars. You may want to check out

Cheers, and good luck!
- Steve

"O'Regan, Emlyn" wrote:

> I'm thinking that I might write a game. Something simple (I don't have years
> for this project!) where little bots run around bashing each other senseless
> sounds good. I'll provide a simple (simple! ha!) language, and people can
> write AIs for their bots. Then the bots are thrown together in every
> combination, and run against each other many times (how big is many? how
> long is a piece of string?). The bots are simulated on peoples machines who
> sign up. People who submit bots must also donate CPU time I think. Others
> could too if they wanted to.
> Results are assembled, finals are run, someone is the grand winner. I've
> wanted to write one of these games for ages, and the idea of writing it as a
> distributed app tickles me pink! Even better, it's justifiable, because a
> game provides incentive for people to submit jobs to run, and for people to
> submit CPU cycles.