CRAP: Strange Blinking Satelite

Aaron Davidson (
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 18:46:39 -0600

(subject has CRAP cuz it's off topic.)

I was just out at my girlfriend's lakeside cabin in British Columbia. Each of the three nights we observed a strange type of satelite while sitting around the campfire. This satelite (definately not a plane, it was way too fast and there were no red or blue lights, only white light). It moved the same as other visible satelites, except it ocasionally became invisible then would flash brightly then become dimly visible again later along it's trajectory.

It is possible there were some thin clouds causing the satelite to obscure itself from view temporarily, however, the sky was cloudless before sun set, and all other satelites appeared normal.

Is this some new-fangled sort of satelite? The sapce shuttle? Mir? The proto-ISS? Just curious if anyonr knows what would cause a satelite to blink/change in brightness.

Another quick question for clarification -- the satelites are visible from sunlight reflecting off of them, right? They do not make their own light.


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