Re: Biotech rice (roundup)
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 00:24:41 EDT

I just wish bioengineering would hurry up and make humans immune to the effects of roundup and other biocides put on food ! -Jay

>> I couldn't agree more. I'm not interested in biotech crops whose
> >purpose is to be able to successfully douse the fields with
> ">Roundup", in fact I oppose such bioengineering.

>Careful... There are a couple of problems here -- At least
>in my Biology class when they went through plant biology they
>indicated that Roundup *only* affects plants, doesn't impact
>animals at all because we don't have those biochemical pathways.
>So if you were saying that you didn't like herbicides because
>of health effects, you are stepping on the wrong beast with Round Up.