FWD: SideTalk browser companion

Sasha Chislenko (sasha1@netcom.com)
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 20:45:12 -0500

A new web service with collaborative elements:

>From: Miron Cuperman <miron@best.com>
>I am writing to introduce an exciting browser companion,
>SideTalk, which will change your web surfing experience.
>What is SideTalk?
>SideTalk is a 'Portable Portal' that accompanies you as you
>surf the Web. For each new Web page you view, SideTalk
>* "Related Info" -- sites and newsgroups that are related
>to your location
>* "Community" -- communication with people with similar
>* "E-notebook" -- the ability to write and store notes
>about pages and highlight sentences for future reference
>One click is all it takes to download SideTalk. You need
>Internet Explorer (IE) 4 or 5, but we are working on the
>Netscape version. No setup program is required. Simply go
>to: http://alpha.sidetalk.com and click on "Download" at the
>top of the page. And seconds later, SideTalk is by your
>Who should use SideTalk?
>If you answer YES to any of the following questions, then
>you NEED SideTalk.
>- Are you sometimes unhappy with the content of your
>favorite web pages, but don't know where else to go?
>- Have you ever questioned a page's content, but haven't
>been able to voice your opinion?
>- Do you think chat and bulletin boards could be useful, but
>today are a waste of time? Have you ever wanted to ask
>someone a question while you surf, but couldn't?
>- Would you like to connect with your friends and coworkers
>while you surf the web?
>- Would you like to share your favorite sites with friends,
>without having to email back and forth?
>We're beta-testing SideTalk and would love to hear your
>comments! If you like SideTalk and think it is useful, TELL
>YOUR FRIENDS. The more people that use SideTalk, the more
>valuable SideTalk becomes!
>Thanks, and happy surfing!
>The SideTalk Team
>Get SideTalk!