Re: Chem Lab adventures [was Re: JetPacks vs. AirCars]

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 16:30:32 -0700 (PDT)

>> I think my grandfather (who was a science teacher) may
>> have been a match for you two. He dumped about a
>> kilo of old sodium off of a bridge over the Charles
>> River in Boston many years ago. The next day the
>> papers read "Charles River Boils"....

> Of course everybody knows that the best method of disposing sodium is
> wrapping big chunks of it in toilet paper & flushing it down,
> preferably in a multi-storey building. Yellowstone fun...

Taking a chemistry course ought to be listed as a hazardous activity in course catalogues. My father has always had hassles getting his military security clearance because three of his fingers have no prints--these having been burned off by molten sulfur in a chemistry lab. I was a bit clumsy with some liquid nitrogen once--fortunately it only broke off parts of my bellbottoms and sneakers and left my feet intact. One doesn't just pass a Chemistry course; one survives it.

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